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We help to delineate and strategize your ambitions, scope possibilities and provide a path to maximize real-world impact of your data, algorithms and technology

UniApp Omics Explorer

Analyze single cell, spatial and bulk omics experiments with state-of-the-art algorithms and integrate with thousands of public datasets via our easy-to-use visual-code platform

Universe App Store

Leverage our managed cloud and app development services to host your own custom-tailored web apps to commoditize your data, algorithms and technology

Execution power

Your ambitions delivered. We bring additional sets of hands with the right expertise and knowledge to realize your ambitions

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Analyze your own single cell, spatial and bulk omics data using our Do-It-Yourself UniApp platform. Our consultants are ready to assist with any questions and help you navigate the analysis


Physician-scientists typically have amazing datasets and tangible ideas but small research teams and little time limit real-world impact. We provide hands-on support to realize your ambitions

Young PI’s

Kickstart your laboratory and establish yourself by using state-of-the-art single cell, spatial and bulk omics technology to make your (first) big paper. We have PhD-level researchers ready to help

Core Facilities

Automate data workflows and streamline data transfer, interactions and communication with your customers to deliver real insight on top of raw data


Leverage public data to perform target-disease linkage analysis with single cell and spatial resolution to build investor data packages and derive decision-enabling insights on indication selection and trial design


Complement your data-producing technology with easy-to-use sample to insight web applications to maximize the wide-spread adoption of your products and data

Research Institutes

Adopt cloud-based operations to valorize and commoditize data and algorithms and be among the future leaders in life sciences


Leverage digital pathology solutions to provide cloud-based proficiency software for external quality control of clinical laboratories

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