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We provide a path to realize your ambitions. Our team of experts with backgrounds in medicine, science, bioinformatics, software development and management consulting are looking forward to help you to maximize real-world impact.

Management consulting

Strategize your ambitions

Management consulting

We help to delineate and strategize your ambitions, scope possibilities and provide a path to real-world impact.

Execution Power

Implement your ideas

Execution power

Your ambitions delivered. We bring additional sets of hands with the right expertise,  knowledge and know-how to realize your ambitions.e possibilities and provide a path to real-world impact.

Data Analysis

Analyze your data

Data analysis

Our team of biomedical data scientists, bioinformaticians, machine learning experts and A.I. engineers are ready to help you maximize insight from data.

Our consultants have been trained at major institutes in Europe and the United States, and have published multiple research articles in the top-level peer-reviewed journals such as the Nature, Cell and Science family of journals. We will bring top level expertise to your project.

Our reports are written in the form of a journal article and have served as the basis of several scientific manuscripts submitted to peer-reviewed journals. We organize all figures into a narrative and ensure that each figure panel is of publication-ready quality.

Software Development

Make global impact

Software development

We leverage our cloud infrastructure to develop your custom software solutions. Host your software in our app store and deliver to clinicians, biomedical researchers and biotech around the world.

Biomedical data analysis requires a highly trained workforce with expertise in computer science, bioinformatics, biology and medicine. We leverage our infrastructure and experience with agile software develop to deliver algorithms, data analysis approaches and full scale software solutions that allow your team to fully  focus on generating new insight from your data.