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We collaborate with scientists to produce peer-reviewed papers by leveraging our analytics infrastructure and expertise.

Brain ∼ Impact factor 15

Claeys lab

Brain 2023

Anoctamin-5 related muscle disease: Clinical and genetic findings in a large European cohort.

In this study, we supported an international neurology consortium, headed by the Claeys lab, with characterizing genotype-phenotype correlations in a large retrospective cohort of limb-girdle muscular dystrophy patients.

View paper online.

Molecular Cancer ∼ Impact factor 41

Conradi lab

Molecular Cancer 2023

Molecular differences of angiogenic versus vessel-co-opting colorectal cancer liver metastases at single-cell resolution.

In this study, the Conradi lab used Unicle’s UniApp to perform an integrative single cell and spatial analysis to characterize molecular differences in colorectal cancer liver metastases with a desmoplastic versus replacement histopathological growth pattern. The Conradi lab made their data and analysis publicly available via an interactive data portal.

Cells ∼ Impact factor 7

Claeys lab

Cells 2022

Unraveling the Molecular Basis of the Dystrophic Process in Limb-Girdle Muscular Dystrophy LGMD-R12 by Differential Gene Expression Profiles in Diseased and Healthy Muscles.

In this study, we characterized gene expression networks in muscle biopsies of 84 limb-girdle muscular dystrophy patients and healthy controls.

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Molecular Cancer ∼ Impact factor 41

Heidegger & Pircher lab

Molecular Cancer 2022

Comprehensive characterization of the prostate tumor micro-environment identifies CXCR4/CXCL12 crosstalk as a novel antiangiogenic therapeutic target in prostate cancer.

In this collaborative study, the Pircher-Heidegger group used Unicle’s UniApp in an integrative single cell approach to profile the prostate tumor micro-environment to identify novel therapeutic targets for anti-angiogenic therapy. The lab made their data and analysis publicly available via an interactive data portal.

Cell Reports ∼ Impact factor 10

Carmeliet lab

Cell Reports 2021

Tumor vessel co-option probed by single-cell analysis.

In this study, we assisted with scRNA-seq analysis of 31,964 cells to characterize endothelial cell treatment response to anti-angiogenic therapy.

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